Setting Up Your Own Wi-Fi Network at Home

Setting up an internet Wi-Fi network is fairly simple. The first step is to determine which companies provide internet service in your area. Typically, the traditional land line telephone companies, cable TV service providers, and major wireless telephone providers, such as Verizon, AT&T, etc. offer internet service. Even satellite internet service from HughesNet is available, but will probably not be the cost effective choice for you unless you live in a remote area that does not have the other internet service providers. You need to compare the internet speeds offered. the monthly fee, the cost of the modem, and whether there is a contract. You will also need your own router unless the provider offers a combination modem and router in one box. A good router will be a two band router. There is also a three band router, which is ideal for heavy users and gamers but much more expensive.

If you have settled on a wired ISP from your local phone or cable company, they will set up the modem in your home. You need to connect your router to the modem with an internet cable. Your desktop computer can plug directly into the router and does not need to use your Wi-Fi. If you go with a wireless internet provider you will likely have a phone/internet router with similar capability to directly attach up to four devices, such as a network printer or network disk drive for shared storage.

When seting up your router you should turn on the 128 bit encryption and set a good password to provide security for your home network. If you don’t lock down your network a close neighbor could use your internet and possibly slow your internet speed way down by taking a large portion of your available bandwidth. Similarly, a car could sit in the street near your house and tap into your internet. Even more dangerous, skilled hackers that get into your internet could get into your computers via your Wi-Fi and steal your passwords, financial information and watch you making on-line banking or purchases to get your credit card information.

Wireless devices can connect to your Wi-Fi network by going to settings/Wi-Fi (Apple) or Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center (Windows), select your network and enter your password. Voila, your home internet Wi-Fi is set up.